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What Classes Should I Take?

Featured Spring 2023 Course

GEOG/LAC 373 / Landscapes & Cultures of Latin America / Solange Muñoz

Latin America’s incredibly diverse collection of peoples, places, and landscapes have historically been defined by shared histories of colonial interventions, languages, and identities. In this course we will examine Latin America’s diverse political, cultural, and social topographies from a variety of perspectives, utilizing key geographical concepts. We will explore case studies from throughout the Americas to make sense of the historical development of Latin America as a global region, its contemporary realities, and the future geographies of Latin@s across the continents as transnational identities (re)emerge, borders become simultaneously more closed and porous, and social and political movements seek to reclaim livelihoods from the violence of the region’s colonial, imperial and national histories.

map of central and south america

SPAN/LAC 434 / Hispanic Culture through Film / Rudy Alcocer

To begin to understand the Hispanic world, one has to learn about its cultural production, of which cinema is an important part. This course will expose students to Latin American & Caribbean cinema as well as a number of related concepts and trends. Through the course, students will become more knowledgeable and conversant in these concepts and trends, deepen their knowledge of Latin America & the Caribbean, and become more self-reflective and sophisticated students of cinema and culture. Taught in Spanish. Writing-emphasis course.

POLS/LAC 456 / Latin American Government & Politics (Development & Decay of Democracy in Latin America) / Jana Morgan

During the last decades of the 20th century, Latin America entered a period of electoral democracy that was largely unprecedented in the region. Recently however, some countries have experienced authoritarian setbacks, and the practice of politics and the lived realities of ordinary citizens often contradict the ideals of democracy. In this class we will consider how the initial democratic transitions occurred and explore the historical foundations and contemporary dynamics that shape politics in the region. This course will provide an introduction to Latin American politics and requires no previous knowledge of the subject.


SOCI 443R / Participatory Action Research / Meghan Conley

Participatory Action Research (PAR) brings together researchers and community groups for community-focused research. The Spring 2023 PAR class will partner with Centro Hispano to document and share stories of the diverse experiences of Latinx immigrants in Knoxville.
This class is especially encouraged for students who are interested in research, community collaboration, immigration, and social justice.

Other Courses

Africana Studies

  • ENGL/AFST 226: Introduction to Caribbean Literature
  • ENGL/AFST 336: Caribbean Literature


  • Anthropology 313: Peoples and Cultures of Mesoamerica (same as Latin American and Caribbean Studies 313)
  • Anthropology 314: Latinos in the United States
  • Anthropology 319: Caribbean Cultures and Societies (same as Latin American and Caribbean Studies 319)
  • Anthropology 323: Topics in Latin American Ethnography


  • Economics 424: Political Economy of World Development


  • ENGL/AFST 226: Introduction to Caribbean Literature
  • ENGL/AFST 336: Caribbean Literature


  • GEO 373/LAC 373. Landscapes and Cultures of Latin America


  • HILA 255/LAC 255. Early Latin America and the Caribbean (formerly HIST 255/LAC 251)
  • HILA 256/LAC 256. Modern Latin America and the Caribbean (formerly HIST 256/LAC 252)
  • HILA 343/LAC 341. History of Mexico (formerly HIST 343/LAC 343)
  • HILA 344/LAC 342. History of Brazil (formerly HIST344/LAC 344)
  • HILA 360/ LAC 362. History of Early Latin America (formerly HIST 360/LAC 360)
  • HILA 361/LAC 363. History of Modern Latin America (formerly HIST 363/LAC 363)
  • HILA 383/LAC 383. Studies in Latin American and Caribbean History
  • HILA 450/LAC 450. Slavery in the Early Americas
  • HILA 464/LAC 462. The Spanish Conquest (formerly LAC 464)
  • HILA 465/LAC 463. Gender and Sexuality in Early Latin America (formerly HIST 465/LAC 466)
  • HILA 484/LAC 475. Studies in Latin American and Caribbean History (formerly HIST 475/LAC 475)

Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures

  • Spanish 323. Upper-level Grammar and Composition
  • Spanish 331: Introduction to Hispanic Culture (same as Latin American and Caribbean Studies 331)
  • Spanish 333: Survey of Spanish-American Literature, 1700 to Present
  • Spanish 334: Survey of Hispanic Literatures, Beginnings-1700
  • Spanish 401: Cultural Plurality and Institutional Changes in Latin America (same as Latin American and Caribbean Studies 401)
  • Spanish 402: Latin American and Caribbean Studies Seminar (Same as Latin American and Caribbean Studies 402)
  • Spanish 465: Latin American Film and Culture (Same as Latin American and Caribbean Studies 465)
  • Spanish 479: Disenchanted Texts in Hispanic Literature
  • SPAN 494S : Service Learning in Spanish
  • Portuguese 301. Cultural Readings in Portuguese
  • Portuguese 303. Highlights of Brazilian Civilization
  • Portuguese 309. Intermediate Conversation and Composition
  • Portuguese 315: Aspects of Luso-Brazilian Literature
  • Portuguese 326: Brazilian Cinema
  • Portuguese 400. Portuguese for Speakers of Another Romance Language
  • Portuguese 430: Contemporary Brazilian Studies
  • Portuguese 432: Topics in the Literature and Culture of the Portuguese-speaking World

Political Science

  • Political Science 456: Latin American Government and Politics

Religious Studies

  • REST 356. Rastafari and Afro-Caribbean Religions

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